Unsplash Wallpapers App Comentários

Love it

Great quality photos - love letting it automatically switch daily. My only request would be a setting for limiting the available images by category/tag, etc.

Poor Selection of Pictures

The pictures they do have are very nice but unfortunately for me I didn’t find even one I wanted on my desktop.

Brings so much joy to my day!

I’m loving this app. The collection of wallpapers is excellent (at least for my taste). Thanks so much, developers and photo contributors! The feature I’d love to see is ability to set the time of day when the daily refresh happens.

Great App

Great implementation, love how quickly I can change amazing wallpapers. I would love if the images came through uncompressed. Often they’ll be super JPEG-y on my monitors, but they look way better if I download the high-res from unsplash.com. Also, I have one vertical monitor (1440x2560) - the super compressed photos become really obvious on there. Also, on vertical monitors, I have to quit and restart the app, or else the dropdown is too short (vertically) to show everything. Also, I wish the refresh button didnt switch to a checkmark - I have to leave the window and refocus it for it to be clickable again.

Highly Recommended!

Exactly what I was looking for. Very clean, simple and refreshing! Developer appears to be aware of users’ feedback; I noticed most requests back in 2017 were added, including the “Back” button and a tick box to “Update on all screens and desktops” for people with multiple Mac systems. A must-have App for anyone who likes to change their high quality desktop wallpaper so frequently like myself!


I hate that it opens in such a small window on the corner. I wish that it had all the photos at once i dont like hitting the button a billion times. As for uninstalling go to the rocket icon hard click it and keep the click down and move to the trash can or hold it down to make the apps move and hit the X and gone!

Great app, but repetitive wallpapers

I love this app. It gives me a new wallpaper to marvel at each day at work. But over time I realized that I kept seeing the same images repeated. When I go to unsplash.com I see so many images that would make great wallapapers but never see it on the app. I would love to see more wallpapers added to the app :) Keep up the good work!

Had to Uninstall Update

recent v1.1 update seem to have broken this nice idea for a wallpaper app, Please fix and I’ll give it more stars

Loved This App Until It Stopped Working Entirely…

This app used to work flawlessly up until the 1.1 update and I can no l longer set the wallpapers at all. Used to be my favorite app but it’s garbage unless it works...

Bug in 1.1

SInce updating to 1.1 my app has been unable to set wallpapers. Do not update until fixed. UPDATE: Restarted computer and bug disappeared.


Can’t set wallpapers, garbage!

Awesome wallpaper app

I love it. Design is slick, works great, and makes it super easy for me to keep changing my wallpapers when I want something new :) Thank you, Unsplash, and Unsplash photographers!

Wish could have it earliar.

I wish I could have this app earliar. Amazing app. Amazing wallpapers.


I love using Unsplash and i was looking to see if they had something to update my mac wallpaper AND THEY DID. It’s super easy to use and a I don’t have to I get antsy I can just quickly change it.


It doesn't work :( I installed and it set the initial wallpaper just fine, but now it doesn't update daily (or ever) and when I try to update manually, the "Set as Wallpaper" button does _nothing_. I really want this app to work but unfortunately I have to uninstall and continue to wander the earth without a good wallpaper app.

Photos are repeated

Although there are lots of photos on Unsplash site, most of photos are repeated in this app. Please fix this issue to be able to select more photos.

Great! Just one suggestion

Make a back button so we can navigate back to the last wallpaper. Otherwise, no complaints! Thank you!

Good app, but add back button in future release!!!!!

I have continued to use this app since it was first featured in the app store…. It is still one of my favorite wallpaper apps to use…. However, I have noticed that this app lacks some options compared to other wallpaper apps. Also, Please, please, please add a back button for future releases! I can’t tell you how many times I have accidentally skipped over a wallpaper I really wanted, but I wasn’t able to go back to it.

Great images for someone who is normally picky

I’m generally very picky about what I like to have on my desktop. It can’t be too busy, no cars or anime woman, etc. So I was skeptical that I’d like any app that just dispalyed whatever images it wanted to out of it’s library. Wow have I been surprised. I think there have only been one or two images that I didn’t really care for, but everything else has been spectacular. I would give it five stars if it had like a next/previous button in the tray menu and if it would let you pick different images for different desktops. Overall, I’m really happy.

one of my most used apps!

I was always looking for a good wallpaper, and i always got bored of the wallpapers i had after a couple of days, this app is one of the best apps i have on my Mac and i love it

Beautiful images

This app features a stunning wallpaper selection. It’s simple to use, and also kind of fun to see what comes next. You can download whatever you like, which is a plus. Definetly would download again

Great app, makes looking at my desktop more fun

The images on Unsplash are top-notch. The community is great and supportive of one another. The photos are amazing. It’s a mix of modern photography & styling with NatGeo like amazement every time. My request for this app would be to support multiple displays and show a different image on each display.

I love it! it’s really perfect!

only the best photos in the exact right resolution… and it’s free.. what else could you want?

Nifty app

Changed my review to 2 stars due to the preferences setting doesnt actually work on automatically changing the background after a week, like I have set it. Please fix this crap. I like it but I wish I could remove the menubar icon from view. I kinda just want to set it and forget it while not being shown in the menu bar to keep things clutter free. I would also like to designate a place to download images, instead of the downloads folder, and also set the app to automatically download images to the set designated directory as it automatically updates my wallpaper. If this happens, there should be a notification shown on the side bar confirming that the image has been downloaded. This is just in case that I forget to that this is happening in the background and wonder why my disk is filling up, given that the images are nearly 4K. A hard notification everytime it is downloaded would help, versus the check mark hiden in the menubar preference icon.

Just what I needed

I love using high-quality wallpapers on my Mac’s Retina display, but I end up downloading a new one about every week, which takes up a ton of space. This app pretty much solves that problem for me. I can have new, high-quality wallpaper whenever I want, without having to download it. It’s perfect.

Mixed feelings

I donwload the app a couple minutes ago but it wasnt responding so I ireinstalled it and it works great, it has such as simplistic interface. Everything seems good so far but it does need a bit of work

Great Idea, Great Photo Collection, Average Execution

I love Unsplash. I’ve been using it for quite a while, on Mac and iOS. However, with this app, though it has the always fantastic photos, it needs a major setting added: the ability to add whatever wallpaper you’re selecting to only the desktop you’re currently using. I don’t want all of my 7 desktops to have the same background, so there needs to be a way to only add the photo to the desktop presently being used.

Refreshing to look at every time

I like a lot having a background that changes every day. It is refreshing and keeps me interested in “what will it be tomorrow…” If you could have it update several times a day, that would take my satisfaction even hight.

It could get there.

For a laptop-only user that uses a single desktop, I can see this being a four star app. For me, support for multiple desktops and different monitor aspect ratios (for those, like me, using an external monitor) would make it fantastic. (And maybe the latter asks for too much.) For now, I have disabled it.


Not very pleased with this Unsplash wallpapers. It looked like a good idea but I have no control over the app. It says the app is open but I cannot access the app itself. Very frustrating to figure out when all I want to do is change my wallpaper… please fix. Technology is too advanced these days to be frustrated with this sort of thing.

Amazing concept and execution

This app is a must download,I have been lookiing for good wallpapers since I bought my mac and I can get best wallpapers every day

good concept, poor execution

This was a really good idea for a laptop app, and I was very impressed with the idea when I first found it, but the app itself does not work very well. After a few days of using the app, I realized that I just liked looking at my own pictures better. When I tried to delete the app, I couldn’t at first because it was still open, or something like that. So then I tried launhcing the app to close out of it properly, or at least turn off the program it is running. Unfortunately I couldn’t do this. I am unable to simply open the app, and it is really annoying because I do not like having to look at pictures of horses on my laptop all day. One last note- when I tried o just change the wallpaper via system preferences, it worked for a few minutes, and then it changed back to the Unsplash pictures. I am very disappointed in the app because I thought I would have more control over the pictures being displayed, and I certainly never thought that I wouldn’t be able to launch the app.


the program crashes immediately. wow

Love the app

I love this app and the tumblr feel to the photos. However I would love to be able to select from a “playlist” of photos. E.g. A winter playlist, a beach playlist, a city playlist.

awesome Mac app!

I’ve never found an app like this in the Mac App store before and to believe it was free. Many different wallpapers, a couple of the same but it doesn't bother me.



It’s great – but it needs one more feature to be perfect.

As others have mentioned, if you have multiple displays, this will change all of them to be the same. If it could differentiate between displays, it would be absolutely golden. Please consider adding that feature! Thanks for creating such a terrific app.

I really like it, but ...

This really needs to allow for saving to a custom folder other than the downloads folder. I just want to drop these right into the dir I keep my wallpapers in. That and allowing for additiojal update times would make this a 5-star app.

Beautiful, but needs multi-monitor support

will update this review to 5 stars once multi monitor support is in place.

simple and awesome

if we can have a module for selecting “collections” than it will be perfect app. :)

My laptop thanks you

Easy to use and I like being able to preview the wallpaper. This would have been 5 stars if there were more options for when the wallpaper changes (1 hour intervals, maybe). I’d also like to be able to “like” the photo without having to open the site on a browser. Other than that, I love the simplicity and being able to see it right in the menu bar.

Changes all desktops to the same image :(

I’m sure this is a great app and I love Unsplash photos, but as a Mac user who works with mutiple different desktops at a time and likes to have a different background on each one, this app is missing that feature. I was hoping to use my own pictures on all but one of my desktops and then have the unsplash app changing the picture for that one, but it ended up changing all my backgrounds to the same picture which I can’t have. It would also be nice if it could change more frequently than daily. When / if an update is released that lets me tell it which desktop I want to use, I’ll revisit this app. But in the meantime, I’ll have to pass for a while until it gets more functionality. :(

Love (Un)splashing on my desktop!

I literally discovered unsplash 3 hours and ago and so much in love with it, the first thought was why not have a desktop app for this. And guess what, I got an email right that minute! I love this so much, this is the first review I’m writing in the app store. Cheers, folks! :)

Love love love it!!

I’ve been visiting the unplash website for years for this very reason - to download great pics for desktop backgrounds. How amazing you all created this perfect utility to do just that! Couldn’t be happier with this.

An obviosly required and Awesome app! but….

i was dissapioinbted in seeing the lack of options when choosing rotating time intervals. A 30 min or 1 hour interval maybe? im excited to not have to save images manually anymore, and also an option to choose catagories? You guys might already be working on that. Thanks unplsash team!

Great, simple

Fantastic app. Only suggestion for improvement would be to include a “back” button when rotating through photos.

Great Idea!

I love it! Having the amazing photography from Unsplash on my desktop automatically is great. The app is nearly perfect- the only request I have is to include the option to change wallpaper more frequently, like every 30 minutes.

Too Excited...

I adore UNSPLASH! I look forward to seeing what pictures have been curated every time I receive an email. I am too stinking excited about this desktop deliciousness. THANK YOU!

Best wallpaper and photographer app!

I was delighted to download and test this wallpaper app by Unsplash. Everything about the app makes the desktop experience that much better. I set this wallpaper app on a daily update and each day I’m amazed to see beautiful photos from the most talented photographers in the world. Unsplash has once again surpassed all expectations.

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